Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager Version 2014

Effectively manage your file downloads through speeding downloads up or through setting priorities

Internet Download Manager is a software program designed to manage download of files off the Internet.
Why is there a need for a download manager? Files get downloaded anyway…
This seemingly naive question has a point. Files get downloaded, whether it's through your torrent software program or through your browser which you've used to download an especially large file. When you get up tomorrow morning they will probably be waiting for you on your PC. And yet, a download manager is a great tool for users who download a lot of files off the Internet, a tool that enables them to do so more quickly and with increased control over the process.
Internet Download Manager's main advantages
- It enables downloads that are 4 to 5 times faster than normal downloads
- It enables pausing downloads, resuming them, and setting priorities
- It handles errors in a way that reduces chances for a download to fail
- Schedule downloads, so the software program will download files whilst you're away from your PC thus not slowing your Internet connection while you're using it for other needs
- Supports firewalls, proxy servers, cookies, diversified communication protocols, routers, and all browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and even Opera)
Users come first